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CLS Cell Lines Service was founded in 1998 in order to support the scientific community with respect to conserve cell lines. This cell bank (cell repository) covers about 500 cell lines, which have been isolated from various tissues, tumors and species, with the focus on human cell lines. Every year new cell lines are included into the cell bank, mostly by licensing in or by new cooperation. 

For more information regarding the cell lines of the CLS cell bank visit the SUPPORT page.

As the cell lines are controlled on a daily basis by microscopy, many data have emerged which resulted in the publication of the 'Atlas of Living Cell Cultures' in May 2013. 

Additionally, due to the conservation and quality control of the cell lines CLS GmbH has extended its skills and therefore offers a couple of services such as Mycoplasma testing or conducting transfections. Furthermore, CLS manufactures products out of the cell lines i.e. genomic DNA, RNA, whole cell lysates and snap frozen cell pellets. 

Overview in brief:  

Founded in:                   1998 

                                        Acquisition by Dr. Steubing in 2004

Legal form:                    GmbH (since 2012)

Ownership:                    private 

Certificates:                   ISO 9001:2015 

Owner and CEO:           Dr. Rosemarie Steubing 

Their Mission 

Permanent as well as primary cell lines are recognized as a major part in fundamental research. 

The increasing comprehension and knowledge of the manifold of processes going on inside each single cell enhances the understanding of the molecular processes of diseases such as cancer. 

Only then new therapies and drugs can be developed. Furthermore, the usage of cell cultures in vitro to clarify fundamental questions can replace an increasing number of experiments in vivo using animals. 

We at CLS GmbH aim to support the scientists who are working in the Life Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Medical Diagnostics in the daily routine using cell cultures. 


2018             In April 2018 the first Exosomes (manufactured by CLS from HaCaT, HEK293 and HROC24) are                                being launched online. 

2016             Since the end of 2016 CLS distributes iPSCs (Induced Pluripotent Stemcells).

2015             The CLS webshop goes online. 

2014             The development of a new product range, the premade Western Blots, is completed and the new                          products are available on demand. 

2013             Dental Pulp Stem cells, cryopreserved, are isolated and sold in Germany for the first time                                          commercially. 

2012             In April 2012, CLS GmbH is founded. In November, CLS moves into larger business rooms. 

2011             Succesful Certification to ISO 9001:2008; acquisition of the license to culture and distribute                                      Glioblastoma cell lines and of HNSCC cell lines from the University Clinic of Heidelberg.

2010             EGFP-transfected cell lines (HeLa Kyoto und NRK), licensed out to CLS by EMBL Heidelberg, are                                propagated and distributed in order to be applied in research. 

2009             CLS moves into larger business rooms. 

2006             The Apparatus which can be used to stretch cells, the   cell stretcher, is implemented into the                                  portfolio. 

2005             Akquisition of the Licence to culture and distribute the cell line HaCaT from the DKFZ Heidelberg 

2004             Akquisition of CLS by Dr. Rosemarie Steubing and establishment of the Laboratory in Eppelheim      

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CLS Cell Lines Service

CLS Cell Lines Service aim to support the scientists who are working in the Life Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Medical Diagnostics in the daily routine using cell cultures.

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