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Abwiz Bio

Abwiz Bio was founded in September 2012 by two scientists in San Diego to address the quality issues of antibodies currently used in research. 

Along with its strong selection strategies, Abwiz Bio's unique cloning method "WizAmp™" (US 9,890,414) enables them to obtain a wide range of antibodies that could have been missed by hybridoma technology or other phage display methods. Their fully-functional rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed from the "RabWiz™" technology have more diverse recognition of antigen epitopes with higher-specificity and higher-affinity than our competitors, facilitating reliable target detection. Abwiz Bio has also developed a mouse recombinant antibody production and development platform using their phage technology.

Abwiz Bio provides the highest quality monoclonal antibodies to the research reagent, clinical diagnostics, and therapeutics industries. They develop monoclonal antibodies and license and/or OEM our products to their customers, as well as help customers, develop monoclonal antibodies as a contract research organization. Check our website today to see how Abwiz Bio‘s recombinant antibody production and development platform can help you.


Toshi Maruyama

MD, PhD 

Founder and COO/CSO 

Toshi Maruyama is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). 

As COO/CSO, he is responsible for research, development, and manufacture of products.

Prior to founding Abwiz Bio, he acquired his skills in phage display in the lab of Dennis Burton at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA and has held several senior scientist and management roles at Alexion Antibody Technologies, Calmune, and Nitto Denko Technical, USA. 

He has close to 20 years of antibody development experience in academia and pharma. Toshi obtained his MD and PhD degree at Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

CJ Okumura 


Founder and CEO

CJ Okumura is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and is responsible for strategy and directing of the company. 

Prior to founding Abwiz Bio, CJ held a senior business development leadership position in BioLegend. He was a post doctoral fellow at Nolan laboratory in Stanford University and Dr Hirohisa Saito laboratory in Riken Research Center for Allergy and Immunology. Expertise in Immunology, molecular biology and business development. 

CJ holds MBA at UCSD, RADY School of management, DDS and PhD at Tokyo Dental College.


Abwiz Bio Inc.

Every Abwiz Bio phosphorylation-specific antibody is a rabbit monoclonal recombinant antibody. Recombinant mAbs are fully characterized by sequencing and exhibit significantly lower batch-to-batch variability compared to hybridoma or polyclonal antibodies. Our phosphorylation-specific research reagents are rigorously validated for flow cytometry and/or Western blot use. 

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Phospho Western

Phospho-Western: Western blot screening using Abwiz Bio’s phosphorylation-specific IgG antibodies

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ELISA Kits, Antibodies, Proteins, and Reagents for Life Scientists

ebiohippo is a top distributor of the best and most reliable ELISA and Assay kits. We can provide a wide range of kits from well-known suppliers and brands with authentic and validated data. We provide antibodies to help you quickly identify and quantify proteins, and evaluate other necessary data for various applications in life sciences.

Highly Validated Antibodies and Kits Available for Life Sciences Research

Our aim at ebiohippo is to facilitate and accelerate access to health for people everywhere. Through our life science products, we offer solutions for diagnostics and environmental testing as well. We aim to help scientists and engineers solve problems at every stage of their work. The provided lab materials, technologies, and services will help make research, and production, both pharmaceutical and biotech, simpler, faster, and safer. AT ebiohippo, we believe that we can enable scientific discovery by helping customers understand biological functions and diseases. ebiohippo works in partnership with the global scientific community to offer superior products and solutions, both for research, and for manufacturing of chemical and biological drugs.

ebiohippo aims to help you advance in life sciences with high-quality training and support. We can help your highly interdisciplinary bioscience research, from the molecular level, through the cellular and organism levels, as well as spans bacteria, viruses, fungi, animals, and plants. Live science research deals with a broad range of biology, biotechnology, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical and biomedical research, and techniques. We provide you with the products that allow you to identify common principles that operate across the breadth of living systems and investigate solutions to major global challenges. Our products are used in research done with cutting-edge computational and experimental technologies in the life sciences research sector.


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A Huge Variety of Elisa Kits from Different Sample Types

Our ELISA kits contain pre-coated antibody-plates, detection antibodies, buffers, diluents, standards, and substrates. All our kits are ready to use and we offer different formats to choose from including quantitative, semi-quantitative, indirect, or competitive. Along with that, our extensive catalog comprises of ELISA kits that can be used to study diverse biochemical pathways and diseases, such as cancer, the insulin pathway, and oxidative stress. Moreover, our kits are only assembled when you place an order to ensure that all of the components will be fresh and to extend the shelf life for our customers.

Assay Kits

ebiohippo offers thousands of Assay kits in multiple formats, including Enzyme activity, inhibitor screening, epigenetic, apoptosis, cell damage, cell proliferation and cytotoxicity, cell signaling, metabolism and other detections.

Easy to Use Kits, Versatile in Functionality and High in Compatibility

Our kits are easy to use yet robust for life science research and bioassays, and are optimized for use on our instruments. They can easily measure enzyme activity, monitor and signal pathway activity, detect and quantify cellular progress such as cell death, cell viability or metabolic reactions. The constituents of every kit are thoroughly tested for their compatibility with each other to give you accurate and authentic results.

Additionally, with our offered assay kits, you’ll be able to study changes in gene expression, and to screen small molecule inhibitors. At ebiohippo, we offer kits that allow researchers to quickly narrow down results by detection target, species reactivity, application or conjugate, and with them, you can obtain highly sensitive, detailed, and accurate results across a wide dynamic range with fast, efficient processing.

Primary Antibodies

At ebiohippo, we offer thousands of monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies and conjugates validated for use in a variety of common applications including WB, FC, IHC, ICC, IF, IP, and more. Our primary antibodies are developed as polyclonal or monoclonal, which use mouse, rat, rabbit, goat, and other animal species as hosts. The primary antibodies provided by us are produced and supplied in various forms, ranging from crude antiserum to antigen-purified preparations. We also offer you a superior antigen recognition system which is combined with the specificity and consistency of a monoclonal, bringing you the highest quality antibodies possible.

Secondary Antibodies

The secondary antibodies provided by ebiohippo perfectly bind to the primary antibody to help them assist in detection, sorting and purifying the target antigens. We offer secondary antibodies that work as staple tools in immunological applications for detecting, quantifying, or purifying target proteins and other molecules. We offer a diverse range of different target species and conjugates that allow a variety of possible combinations and provide flexibility in designing experiments. Along with that, the secondary antibodies we offer often conjugate to other molecules for detection, such as fluorophore, biotin, horseradish peroxidase, or alkaline phosphatase. We also provide you with a general guideline to help you in selecting the appropriate secondary antibody for your experiment.

Proteins and Peptide

With the diverse protein and peptide sources available at ebiohippo, we believe we can fulfill biochemical research needs with ease. The biomolecules we provide can fulfill a diverse range of roles, such as development factors and cytokines for cell culture, active enzymes for biochemical assays, carrier proteins for movement of molecules, inhibitors for blocking pathways, and antigens for use with antibodies. Furthermore, we also deal with ready-to-use commercial proteins or peptides that can save a great deal of time and effort. The suppliers we deal with often provide a measure of purity, typically with SDS-PAGE. The recombinant protein search tool offered at ebiohippo gives you the ability to browse through the entire catalog of proteins and peptides from a variety of suppliers. Whereas, our recombinant proteins are purified from E. coli, mammalian cells, and even from cell-free methods.